Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Second Work, Same Day

I put a training surcingle on her and 22 foot long lines. I use the best bit in the world, one of my rustable $4.50 work horse snaffles. Everytime I find one at Southern States, I buy it. I give them away. I use no caveson. I don't use a caveson because I want my horse to do what I call find the bit. In the round pen, which is 50 ft, I started the mare to the left. I let her set her own pace, which was fast. She came home from the show a little anxious and wanting to get back to her pasture friends. At this time I am standing in the middle of the round pen, more or less, almost like I am lounging her. The long lines, from this angle, tend to send her on a little which is fine. After a few rounds, she starts to slow down. Then I turn her into the wall using just one rein. She dashes off to the right and after a few rounds I again turn her into the wall using one rein. Then I start to turn her every other round. After this I turn her every round. I only go a very few rounds with any of this. After a very short time when I turn the horse she is walking slow and quiet. In less than 10 minutes she has started to learn that she is wasting her time to rush. Everytime she rushes I shut her down or interupt her. I train horses because I love their brains. If you really want to be good with horses, learn how they think. You will learn how to put things into their brain.
I just made this mare discover that she was wasting her time when she rushed. Once a horse learns that it is wasting its time it will change the behavior no matter what the behavior is. Now that she is walking fairly quiet to the left and right she is beginning to assign me leadership. After leadership she will give me authority over her body. This is all a process that can take a few days or it might take a few weeks. They are all individuals you know. After she is walking fairly quiet and has made acceptable progress, I quit. Then I unharness her and hose her off. The hosing has many benefits. It will take the sweat off her and help with the leadership and authority process. This winter and spring Cathy did not hose her off because of the weather. I never hose a young or untrained horse just to get them clean. There is always a training lesson. Training is a process, not an event. There were parts of her body that she was concerned about. I hosed those until she relaxed. Its all about programming her mind.

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